Medequip Service Solutions, LLC


- EZ9/EZ9Plus

- EZ10/EZ10K

- EZ11Plus

- 3870EA

- 2340M

- 2540M

- 2540MK

- 3870M

- Valueklave 1730

Dental Delivery

- VetPro 1000 Mobile Dental Delivery

Medequip Service Solutions, LLC has specialists that can diagnose and repair Midmark exam tables, autoclave sterilizers and lighting devices for veterinary hospitals and clinics. We are a Midmark/Ritter and Tuttnauer factory authorized warranty repair center.

Here is a list of some models and products that we repair:



- M9 Auto Sterilizer

- M11 Auto Sterilizer

- Soniclean Ultra Sonic Sterilizer

Exam Tables

- Canis Major Exam Tables

- Fixed Height Treatment Tables

- Dry Prep Tables

- Fixed Height Island Exam Tables

- Folding Exam Tables


- 255 LED Procedure Light

- 250 LED Exam Light

Our list of models that we service is continually expanding. If you do not see your model listed, please call 1.866.763.4948


Animal Health Services